To All our Past, Present and Future Customers


It has been an unprecedented time in the world where many of us have struggled to make sense of what is being referred to as the New Normal. As a community, we have been made to forgo joyous social interactions in favour of a safer, but much more lonely and isolated existence. We are separated from our friends and families and for some that is exceedingly difficult and challenging. We have always thought of our community as a family and as such we are reaching out with a heartfelt message.

At Sandcastle Lanes we have always strived to be a strong member of the community which once used to mean we were a central venue for entertainment, social gatherings and fun. With the weight of all provincial regulations during this time, we have had to shift our focus onto maintaining all restrictions placed upon us. These restrictions contradict our past mission statements and have forced us to adjust many of our protocols. We understand that this will cause feelings of frustration and anger as we grieve the loss of those social experiences. We are also frustrated. We are also desperately missing those interactions.

It is often easy to misplace feelings of anger and frustration, especially onto those closest to us. We would like to remind everyone that our Company exterior is made up of real people. Our staff are human beings and are experiencing the same struggles as many of you. We are made up of someone’s best friend, someone’s son or daughter, someone’s family. All of us as individuals are fighting a lot of the same battles as you. We do not want to cause anyone to have a poor experience or even a bad day and each of us are doing our very best. Do not forget, we are not the reason you are angry. We may be the face you see, but taking out your feelings on the people who are working will not change anything. As real people just like you, we do not deserve to be the target of verbal abuse.

So why are we doing this at all if it is so difficult?

We believe this will be all over eventually. There will come a day where we can fill every table and every lane and see the smiles on everyone’s faces. In order for that to be a reality, we need to be able to keep our doors open and fight to keep business going. We need your help and cooperation to do so. This means we must follow all regulations, guidelines and restrictions set out by the Provincial Government.

Our business falls uniquely under multiple categories of regulations. We are a Restaurant, a Bar, and a Recreation Centre and thus must follow ever-changing guidelines from all categories. Most importantly, this means we cannot permit any groups over 6 people and cannot allow any interaction between separate groups. We must enforce customers wearing masks in the establishment.

We are asking everyone, from our family to yours, please help us to make each day a good day. If you also want to see a day where your favourite local bowling centre is the life of the party again, do not ask us to bend the regulations or push our staff to find loopholes. We understand, but we must be firm.

Please be kind. Be cooperative. We will get through this together and we will see you on the other side.


The Sandcastle Lanes Team




Our goal is to provide the most fun and the best food & drinks that you, your family & friends can enjoy! We invite you to come and see for yourself what great entertainment we have to offer!

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday 12:00 pm to Midnight

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